Watch Out For Fraud

fraud-alertHere in 2016; there are some crazy things going on. I’m amazed with what this world is coming to. Their are some absolutely amazing things happening, i.e: Possible cures for cancer. There are also some crazy psychotic pots being stirred as technology grows; people keep coming up with new ways to steal your information, hack into your accounts or use your name to pull something sneaky. There are many different kinds of frauds nowadays:

  • Identity fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Online fraud
  • Application fraud

These are just a couple of big ones, the list goes on… Fraud is something that you won’t expect to happen to you; but it most certainly can happen to anybody. We need to learn how to properly protect ourselves from frauds, because though the internet has changed the world today in a good way, it has also changed the world in a bad way. People are smart; which isn’t always a good thing.

Credit And Debit Card Tap Scam


That new ‘tap’ function is pretty convenient, right? Well as I said: Technology is a beautiful thing, but also very scary at the same time. Scam artists and hackers have found a way to steal your money through the tap function, yep… you gotta be careful out there. I personally disabled my tap, which isn’t necessary but you are at risk of getting screwed. Banks are pretty good at detecting these incidents and reversing the incidents where this occurs. You are susceptible to being a victim if you have a tap function on your card however, and you don’t even have to use it. There was an incident in the United States where some scam artists had a machine that would pick up peoples tap function. They would carry this machine around in a suitcase or some hidden compartment, they would then proceed to ‘accidentally’ bump into someone tapping their pocket containing their wallet. All these hackers had to do was enter a transaction into his machine that was under $30, and it would charge anyone with the tap function enabled.

The fact that this is possible leads my pessimistic side to believe their abilities to use the tap function to steal your money is only going to grow, and eventually become an even bigger issue. I could even for see them not only able to steal more than $30, but access all of your information within your bank account; through the tap function.


Does this scare you? Well it should, it scares me too. This basically just re-enforces the fact that we need to learn to better protect ourselves, and think on our feet a little bit. Just because something new comes out and seems really cool, I would like to see people starting to think for themselves about what really could go wrong; as far as crime goes. It wasn’t expected that something like tap function theft could even occur, but in 2016 anything can happen.

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