Stop! Feel The Energy.

The Number One Crime Prevention Technique


Feel hungry? Feeling happy? Want a chocolate bar? Gloomy because of the rain? These are examples of feeling something. My name is Jeff and I would like to talk a little bit about the art of feeling. Have you ever walked into a room and felt that everyone was staring at you? Not such a good feeling right? Well we believe the number one crime prevention technique is feeling. Trusting yourself, and most importantly being aware of what and who is in your surroundings. We aren’t talking about carrying the energy of the man leading a SWAT Team, we are talking about simply knowing what is in your current circle. The energy in the room, the movements that you catch with your peripheral vision, the sounds that are around you, the application of spacial awareness and feeling what is close to you is the number one crime prevention technique.

Crimes can be prevented, and it’s important to understand that. Though there is one more crucial thing to understand, crime is inevitable. There is always going to be someone who makes a decision only having themselves in mind. This is an unfortunate reality because there are so many innocent people on this planet that get hurt everyday from people like this. What I want to emphasize with this post is that you can feel when bad things are around you, if you are present. Mindfulness is key, and it is such an important factor when it comes to preventing crime. Let’s give an example.

You are shopping at your local corner store, you notice a man walk in dressed in black with his face partially covered by what appears to be the neck of his t-shirt. Number one, you become aware of the possibilities and remain calm. Number two, you evaluate your surroundings and establish your next movement; your next move is important. Acting unaware and continuing on through the dairy isle may be in your best interest, turning your back to the situation is not. Catching a glimpse and remaining hidden while quietly pulling out your cell phone in case you need to dial 911 is probably in your best interest. We would like to emphasize the importance of the feeling of calmness being put into application during a stressful situation like this.

Doing what your gut tells you is of the utmost importance, if it is saying to leave knowing that you will not bring good to the situation, then so be it. If it is saying be a hero, then so be it.

This example is exaggerated in the sense that the tips we are going to talk more about are things like:

  • Leaving the hallway light on
  • Making sure the backdoor is locked
  • Putting up a sign that says “Please be aware, my dog is protective.”

What I wanted to do with this post was create a picture in your mind with the story; have you think about what the most important thing to do in the situation is. Remaining aware, trusting yourself, and being mindful, or giving up and thinking “I can’t do anything about this.”

Which would you choose? Let us know.

Do you feel that this is a crime prevention technique, or a tip? We would love to hear from you.

With love, humility, and compassion,