Ridiculous Situations Sometimes Inspire Good Things

crimestoppersI’m not sure if it’s the way we were raised, the things we experienced, or just our personal preferences and interests; but there’s one thing 99% of police officers have in common: We want to make the world a better place. The first time you save a life, or make some kind of difference in peoples lives that impacts them positively; there is a feeling of euphoria that rushes through you. You are usually motivated from that point forward in some way shape or form to continue bringing good things into the universe. My first experience with fighting crime was retrieving a stolen purse to an older lady; sounds like it’s from the movies right? Well that’s what happened, and believe if or not; that was the turning point for going down the path of becoming a police officer. One of my partners talked about how you’re treated while wearing uniform as opposed to casual clothes, and it’s amazing to me how true that really is, you can read about that here.

The purse incident was not actually sunshine and roses like it usually is in a cheesy 90’s film. Usually the robber is wearing all black, snatches the purse right out of her hand, she screams, I run in and take the guy down and I’m a hero. Instead of it working out ever so smoothly like that, it didn’t. I found myself getting into much more of an ordeal that I had planned. I was not an established member of the police force yet, and I had 0 training to take on an incident like this one. Anyways this man had actually swiped the purse out of a locker in a swimming pool he had broken into. I couldn’t imagine what else he had done, being that he was A. In the women’s change room, and B. Breaking into lockers, they aren’t actually that hard to break into though honestly. He was on the security camera and drove off in a 1989 white Honda Civic. Stupid young me, instead of just reporting the incident; decided to blindly drive around town looking for this white Honda Civic. I found him actually 3 days later at that same swimming pool doing the same thing, again! I saw him in the parking lot and confronted him, and of course he denied it and continued on. I broke into his car, found many belongings of people he had robbed, and brought them all down to the police station later to be returned to the rightful owners. Unfortunately doing this does not work out so well for a regular civilian, I thought I was doing the right thing but I really wasn’t. I had no evidence that anything I had came from his car, none of the items I had were reported, and I got charged for breaking and entering. Clearly I had 0 knowledge of how to go about a situation like this properly. I was more emotional about doing the right thing than knowledgeable, and failed to give the situation any thought or research at all.

So the point I’m trying to get across is to make sure you really know what you’re doing before going ahead and trying to fight crime. Police officers go through lots of training for a reason; there’s so many rules and regulations that you have to take into consideration before acting upon a situation like this, and you also have to have a badge. This situation didn’t discourage me, only made me realize I had to become certified to help civilians.

E-mail us if you have an incident you would like advice on, I know from experience that not everyone wants advice from their direct force, we are very personalable so let us know what the situation is and it will be kept confidential. We will offer our best advice.