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A Little More On Crime Prevention Around Your House



We all have to do our best, whether your preventing crime, building a business, cleaning your house, everything from big to small is what we’re responsible for; that is what we figure out when we become independent. A book that changed my life called Psychocybernetics¬†explains the importance of giving it your all and maintaining overall happiness because of it. Psycho-cybernetics was created by Maxwell Maltz in 1960. He has a phenomenal writing style and creative mind. (more…)

Stop! Feel The Energy.

The Number One Crime Prevention Technique


Feel hungry? Feeling happy? Want a chocolate bar? Gloomy because of the rain? These are examples of feeling something. My name is Jeff and I would like to talk a little bit about the art of feeling.¬†Have you ever walked into a room and felt that everyone was staring at you? Not such a good feeling right? Well we believe the number one crime prevention technique is feeling. Trusting yourself, and most importantly being aware of what and who is in your surroundings. We aren’t talking about carrying the energy of the man leading a SWAT Team, we are talking about simply knowing what is in your current circle. The energy in the room, the movements that you catch with your peripheral vision, the sounds that are around you, the application of spacial awareness and feeling what is close to you is the number one crime prevention technique.