Be Good To Yourself


If I’ve learned anything over the years, there are a few key factors in crime prevention, in my posts I pretty much always emphasize the importance of being aware, and applying your intuition in situations that feel off. You should stay in tip-top shape, and try to be the best ‘you’ possible.

  • Exercise daily, eat healthy and drink lots of water
  • Smile, because there’s always something to smile about and it feels good
  • Read books, and obtain information however you can

Practicing these things will keep you motivated to do your best, and stay prepared. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and it’s easy to slip, as long as you stay healthy and utilize these things, you will be able to stay on track.

Why Am I Sharing These Things?


Because, if you take care of yourself you will be able to help others. This is a crime prevention technique because you will maximize your potential instead of being stuck in that rut, and spending more energy on just living. Instead you will be more active in your daily activities; more aware, more ready to take action. Basically in a summary: If you make an effort to be the best you, you will have more success protecting yourself, protecting others and becoming prepared for anything.

A couple years back, a friend of mine was scammed on a dating site by what he perceived to be this stunning girl that was ready to come meet him, he thought he was about to get lucky. My friend was a bit lonely at the time and was depressed because he could not find a girl. Anyways this fake girl told him to verify that he was real by entering his credit card information on this random website, and he did it. Sounds silly that he would fall for something like that right? Truth is he was so focused on getting laid that he wasn’t looking after himself, and his mindset was skewed; he wasn’t ‘aware’. This is an example of what I’m talking about; think on your feet and BE AWARE at all times, cause these kinds of scams are everywhere. I will write an article¬†about identifying a scam in the near future.

I’m also telling you these things just to help in general, I was an unhealthy teenager and young adult, and had no motivation to do anything. I understand how it feels to be uninspired in life, and I also know how to overcome it; suck it up and start practicing the things I mentioned above. The transition of being lazy and feeling crappy all the time to exercising and being more positive is amazing, and everyone that’s done it will agree with me.

Get out of that rut! Go to my contact page and e-mail me if you’re in this position I’ve talked about, I can give you more tips and my best advice for your particular situation. If there’s two things I’m good at, they’re preventing crime and whipping people into shape.

With love, humility, and compassion,