Amazing Tow Truck Driver


Off of the topic of clowns and onto something more positive, My husband and I travel a lot. We pretty much swore when we got married, we would do exactly that. I’m proud to say our adventures have been much more than ordinary, sometimes rather exhilarating. Of course there’s always all sorts of ups and downs when you choose to live an action packed life, but personally when I look back at all the events that have occurred, none of the negatives really stick, allĀ of our memories include very little regret.

We travel to Victoria B.C, all the time because the landscape of Victoria is absolutely amazing; it’s the perfect city really. It isn’t crowded with millions of people and still has a small town feel to it, yet it’s still lively enough to be considered more than a small town. There is no shortage of ocean along the edges, and there is plenty of activities to participate in as a tourist; whale watching, mountain climbing, nightlife, whatever floats your boat really.

Victoria Tow Truck

tow-trucksOur car has been having issues lately, no surprise being that we’ve driven it over 140 miles in the last 2 years. Anyways we ended up breaking down in probably the most inconvenient spot possible; out in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone reception. So yeah, that kind of sucked. We did have to walk a few miles before finding cellphone service to call a tow truck, but the man that showed up was absolutely unreal. I’ve always known tow truck drivers to be pretty grouchy, and sometimes pretty heartless. This man went way out of his way for us, he was compassionate, caring and friendly beyond belief. It was a very pleasant experience because we were already pretty frustrated, and he completely understood that people are generally on edge when their vehicle breaks down. He picked us up, drove us to a mechanic (most tow truck drivers I’ve experienced just make you take a cab,) and then even invited us to his house for dinner that night; absolutely unreal.

We had no choice but to take him up on his offer. We went to the drivers house for dinner, met his family who are amazing people, and had a great time. We learned that he was actually a newer, small business that I guarantee is going to prosper overtime with his courtesy. We exchanged contact info at the end of the night, and told him we would hang out next time we were in town. We are very happy to have gained such a sincere friendship that stemmed from a rather unfortunate event.

The mans name is Sohrab. I guarantee if you’re ever in the area and in need of a tow truck, he’s the one to call. Contact us if you would like his phone number, he’d probably even give you extra special treatment if you mentioned our names.