A Little More On Crime Prevention Around Your House




We all have to do our best, whether your preventing crime, building a business, cleaning your house, everything from big to small is what we’re responsible for; that is what we figure out when we become independent. A book that changed my life called Psychocybernetics explains the importance of giving it your all and maintaining overall happiness because of it. Psycho-cybernetics was created by Maxwell Maltz in 1960. He has a phenomenal writing style and creative mind.

As I explained in my first post; I believe the most important crime prevention technique is trusting yourself, being aware and just being prepared in general.

Well… Let me tell you a story, and I apologize if it’s somewhat displeasing, but it is a perfect example of trusting your gut:

When I was growing up, I lived with a step brother and a step sister; Tessa and Jake. They were nice kids, we went out to the recreation center close by our house to hang out with our mutual friends, we went swimming lots, played pool or foosball, video games, all sorts of cool stuff. We made close friends that ended up coming to our house often, or we would go to theirs. We started getting older and strange things started to happen at home. Things started going missing; money, cigarettes, alcohol, coincidentally right around when my friends and I started experimenting with that kind of stuff, hmm… I wonder.

It’s obvious to me now that it was these guilty friends of ours stealing, as they never sat right with me anyways. My parents didn’t allow them over after a while and my “friends” had me convinced they were not a part of it, this caused major issues and arguments over time during our teenage hood. We actually met them one night in the middle of the night and let them in our house while my parents were sleeping, and they stole more things on their way out.

Everything’s fine now… We didn’t lose anything too significant. The point I’m trying to make is if my siblings and I had just thought out the situation and realized it was obviously our friends stealing from our parents, rather than focusing on our parents blaming us and stressing about unnecessary things, we could have solved the issue a whole lot sooner.

Don’t rely entirely on your gut. Though the majority of my points so far have been to take a step back, relax, and think; I certainly don’t believe that’s the most important thing. Don’t get too relaxed…

To be honest, preventing crime is pretty simple. Although it’s unavoidable at times, you can always take simple extra steps to ensure you always feel safe:

  • Lock your doors, windows, and car doors.
  • Don’t flash shiny and valuable objects around in public and create unnecessary attention
  • Install alarm systems in your car and home
  • Make sure you have proper insurance, depending on what you own if you want to be extra safe you may want to get the premium plans
  • Always have a cellphone handy, to call 911

There’s many more easy steps, feel free to contact us for more in depth and fully laid out tips and techniques.

Also feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your home security, and we can probably give you some good suggestions. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be about you, if you’d like to add some value or content to my posts feel free to make a suggestion to me.

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