Thanks For Educating Yourself

Hello, and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to do your research and learning how to properly protect yourself. As you can probably tell by our writing, we want to show you that we’re very personable people and just like you. We’re just as much of human beings as every one of you. We appreciate you doing your research and taking the time to learn about crime prevention techniques you can implement, as it only makes our goal easier; to protect the public.

I want to give a shout out to SafetyCops for having a large index of information. I believe that everyone spending the time learning how to properly protect themselves should be reading from sources like this.

Important Factors To Remember


  • Always listen to people with first hand experience, with real insight and lots of value to provide. SafetyCops is a good resource for exactly that; real cops, real crime, and real advice. I do believe in getting your facts and techniques from multiple resources as well, as then you can compare what you’ve learned and be more sure you are receiving proper knowledge.
  • Although we do our best to prevent crime, you are going to be in the immediate situation, not us. We are all busy people, but we can’t be everywhere at once. It is crucial to obtain basic crime prevention techniques so you can protect yourself and your family. Save yourself the hassle of ending up in a situation you don’t want to be in, e.g: Your car being stolen.
  • If you ever find yourself facing a problem that you are unsure about, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get help from someone preferably local. If that doesn’t work then don’t be shy about contacting us, it can be anonymous, or a real issue and we will do our best to find the appropriate solution.
  • Put in an effort to remain calm in an uncomfortable situation. Obviously use common sense, remaining calm will enable you to use your thought process to it’s full extent when it’s most needed. We try our best to make it clear how much power you really have in a situation, and a lot of it is mental. You can feel out a situation and often make perfect judgement calls by what your gut is telling you. This fact has been proven over and over by countless individuals, so get out there and trust your feelings. Refer to my first post: Stop! Feel The Energy.


All In All…

I truly do think you guys are doing well for yourselves by researching this kind of topic. There is a ton of hassle you can save yourself by being properly prepared, and educating yourself is a big part of it.