What Happens When Police Officers Aren’t In Uniform

camoHi there, my name is Carolyn, I haven’t made a post yet but decided today I would talk about my experience as a regular civilian, I am a police officer that just actually left her shell and went on a trip, without the uniform. I was in Victoria, British Columbia a few days ago touring with my husband. Being a police officer off duty I saw the real deal. It’s funny how people seem to behave themselves around you so much more when your in a uniform, as opposed to seeming like a casual civilian. We were driving down the highway and everyone was speeding of course, we got cut off about 4 times, experienced some road rage and watched multiple people throw cigarette butts out the window (which is now illegal in BC.) My natural instinct was to chase them down and fine them, but I couldn’t obviously, so I let it happen.

It’s amazing how people treat you when your in uniform, like we’re some kind of nemesis that’s out to get you. We aren’t punishing you because we want to, we’re doing it because it’s our job and we are passionate about making the world right. Most people don’t really consider that cops are real people, we generally work an 8 hour shift just like the rest of you. We aim to eat 3 meals a day, we like to do fun things, we sleep 8 hours, all those normal human activities, we do them too.

During my visit, I came across an event downtown; a man was tackled by 3 guys intoxicated by alcohol, I’m sure they all were, but it was really unfortunate because the man was defending a girl that one of the other guys was threatening. A friend of mine that runs and owns a cheap, quality service painting company who you never would see as a ‘fighter’ was in my car. He instinctively ran to the scene for assistance and defended the man that was taking a beating. I saw a different side of him that day, honestly a pretty intimidating guy when he is upset.., The intoxicated men backed off in seconds, and nobody was too seriously hurt. THANK GOD! (bar fights are ridiculous.)

I’ve realized that I wont ever be truly accepted by the community, being a police officer. There is too much stereotype in the fact that I am “one of them” and can’t just go out and be a regular person, everyone’s afraid I’m going to put them in handcuffs because they said a dirty joke.

The takeaway from this is honestly me trying to reach out to the public, as a police officer and a human being. I want to let you guys know you don’t have to be scared of us. Yes some people in our industry are unfair, and abuse their power, I’ll admit that. We are just people however and we want to be treated as one of you. How do you think we got into the police force in the first place? We were average people that just wanted to do the right thing. They don’t brainwash you during the training, and you don’t change, there is just standards that you learn and live by because you realize the real reasons for those standards being in place; we are trying to enforce the best reality possible.

That’s all for today, I hope some people out there will take something from this, and feel free to add to this or let me know your opinion, because I’m sure we can decipher this subject in a lot more detail.

Carolyn Green, scary police officer