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On Dumb Crimes, Easy Work for Crime Stoppers

There have been hundreds of dumb crimes throughout the centuries. Lots of them happen every day. More will happen tomorrow. For crime stoppers, it makes life easier. Maybe they’re only easy because without genius crimes we’d have nothing to compare them to.

No crime stoppers will be running scared to the crimes mentioned in this video below.

I bet even dumber crimes will happen in the future. Our blog will try our best to cover them with a news story when that happens.

What are some of the dumbest crimes you’ve ever heard of? Mine is trying to steal a cop car. Not a good move! It’s a good thing we’re crime stoppers and not criminals. We chose the safest side!

2020 Blog Update (The Funny Crime Blog)

crime blog

Crime Stoppers Running Scared will be posting again in 2020 as a funny crime blog and apologizes for the lack of posts lately. We’ve been very busy, but new staff are on board to keep content coming. Look forward to news and info from your favorite crime blog.

What to expect in near future.

  1. Content about funny crime ideas
  2. Facts and lessons about the business world
  3. Why avoiding crime in business is a good thing
  4. Updates and news on funny crimes

Thanks for being with us again. Read our catalog blog posts from previous years here.

Thanks For Educating Yourself

Hello, and welcome. Thanks for taking the time to do your research and learning how to properly protect yourself. As you can probably tell by our writing, we want to show you that we’re very personable people and just like you. We’re just as much of human beings as every one of you. We appreciate you doing your research and taking the time to learn about crime prevention techniques you can implement, as it only makes our goal easier; to protect the public.

I want to give a shout out to SafetyCops for having a large index of information. I believe that everyone spending the time learning how to properly protect themselves should be reading from sources like this. (more…)

Amazing Tow Truck Driver


Off of the topic of clowns and onto something more positive, My husband and I travel a lot. We pretty much swore when we got married, we would do exactly that. I’m proud to say our adventures have been much more than ordinary, sometimes rather exhilarating. Of course there’s always all sorts of ups and downs when you choose to live an action packed life, but personally when I look back at all the events that have occurred, none of the negatives really stick, all of our memories include very little regret.

We travel to Victoria B.C, all the time because the landscape of Victoria is absolutely amazing; it’s the perfect city really. It isn’t crowded with millions of people and still has a small town feel to it, yet it’s still lively enough to be considered more than a small town. There is no shortage of ocean along the edges, and there is plenty of activities to participate in as a tourist; whale watching, mountain climbing, nightlife, whatever floats your boat really.

Victoria Tow Truck

tow-trucksOur car has been having issues lately, no surprise being that we’ve driven it over 140 miles in the last 2 years. Anyways we ended up breaking down in probably the most inconvenient spot possible; out in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone reception. So yeah, that kind of sucked. We did have to walk a few miles before finding cellphone service to call a tow truck, but the man that showed up was absolutely unreal. I’ve always known tow truck drivers to be pretty grouchy, and sometimes pretty heartless. This man went way out of his way for us, he was compassionate, caring and friendly beyond belief. It was a very pleasant experience because we were already pretty frustrated, and he completely understood that people are generally on edge when their vehicle breaks down. He picked us up, drove us to a mechanic (most tow truck drivers I’ve experienced just make you take a cab,) and then even invited us to his house for dinner that night; absolutely unreal.

We had no choice but to take him up on his offer. We went to the drivers house for dinner, met his family who are amazing people, and had a great time. We learned that he was actually a newer, small business that I guarantee is going to prosper overtime with his courtesy. We exchanged contact info at the end of the night, and told him we would hang out next time we were in town. We are very happy to have gained such a sincere friendship that stemmed from a rather unfortunate event.

The mans name is Sohrab. I guarantee if you’re ever in the area and in need of a tow truck, he’s the one to call. Contact us if you would like his phone number, he’d probably even give you extra special treatment if you mentioned our names.

Time To Talk About Clowns

Honestly, this whole clown situation has gotten out of hand


Hello, my fellow readers, I’m here to talk a little bit about: creepy-clown

  • What a clown is
  • What a creepy clown is and what’s going on in the world
  • My opinions and what we do about this situation

I don’t have much good to say about this situation but hey, ridiculous situations sometimes inspire good things. Maybe this will rid the world of clowns forever! Just kidding… (I’m not a fan of clowns.) (more…)

It’s Not Because We Have To

People tend to get the wrong idea when they see a police officer. My partner Carolyn touched on the subject: What happens when police officers aren’t in uniform – the point of this article was to realize that we are human beings too, and we’re just trying to help. There has been incidents within the police force that are unfair to civilians, but the view people have of us is unfair. You don’t see us judging every civilian because there’s bad apples, that’s just how things work; the larger the organization the more likely you’re going to come across some negativity.

I wanted to make a point that most of us don’t enjoy punishing people, or using our power. In fact most of us actually would rather make an exception to someone that’s speeding for example, or someone driving without insurance. Unfortunately the standards were set for those ‘bad apples’, and it would be unfair to allow exceptions. I got into this field because I wanted to help the world, as I’ve talked about all over Crimestoppers. It doesn’t make me feel good punishing people for the very things I’ve done myself in the past, makes me feel like a hypocrite. Did I just say that? Yes I did, we’re no different than the rest of you. The only real difference is that we are passionate about reducing crime and creating fairness within the community.

I don’t have much for you guys today unfortunately, I just wanted to drop in and let you know we’re still going to be feeding you tons of crime prevention techniques, as well as anonymous requests for advice on what we would do in a situation. Visit our contact page and drop your request in our inbox.

Until next time, here’s a video of an honorable man that deserves a shout out:

Watch Out For Fraud

fraud-alertHere in 2016; there are some crazy things going on. I’m amazed with what this world is coming to. Their are some absolutely amazing things happening, i.e: Possible cures for cancer. There are also some crazy psychotic pots being stirred as technology grows; people keep coming up with new ways to steal your information, hack into your accounts or use your name to pull something sneaky. There are many different kinds of frauds nowadays:

  • Identity fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Online fraud
  • Application fraud


Ridiculous Situations Sometimes Inspire Good Things

crimestoppersI’m not sure if it’s the way we were raised, the things we experienced, or just our personal preferences and interests; but there’s one thing 99% of police officers have in common: We want to make the world a better place. The first time you save a life, or make some kind of difference in peoples lives that impacts them positively; there is a feeling of euphoria that rushes through you. You are usually motivated from that point forward in some way shape or form to continue bringing good things into the universe. My first experience with fighting crime was retrieving a stolen purse to an older lady; sounds like it’s from the movies right? Well that’s what happened, and believe if or not; that was the turning point for going down the path of becoming a police officer. One of my partners talked about how you’re treated while wearing uniform as opposed to casual clothes, and it’s amazing to me how true that really is, you can read about that here.


What Happens When Police Officers Aren’t In Uniform

camoHi there, my name is Carolyn, I haven’t made a post yet but decided today I would talk about my experience as a regular civilian, I am a police officer that just actually left her shell and went on a trip, without the uniform. I was in Victoria, British Columbia a few days ago touring with my husband. Being a police officer off duty I saw the real deal. It’s funny how people seem to behave themselves around you so much more when your in a uniform, as opposed to seeming like a casual civilian. We were driving down the highway and everyone was speeding of course, we got cut off about 4 times, experienced some road rage and watched multiple people throw cigarette butts out the window (which is now illegal in BC.) My natural instinct was to chase them down and fine them, but I couldn’t obviously, so I let it happen.

It’s amazing how people treat you when your in uniform, like we’re some kind of nemesis that’s out to get you. We aren’t punishing you because we want to, we’re doing it because it’s our job and we are passionate about making the world right. Most people don’t really consider that cops are real people, we generally work an 8 hour shift just like the rest of you. We aim to eat 3 meals a day, we like to do fun things, we sleep 8 hours, all those normal human activities, we do them too.

During my visit, I came across an event downtown; a man was tackled by 3 guys intoxicated by alcohol, I’m sure they all were, but it was really unfortunate because the man was defending a girl that one of the other guys was threatening. A friend of mine that runs and owns a cheap, quality service painting company who you never would see as a ‘fighter’ was in my car. He instinctively ran to the scene for assistance and defended the man that was taking a beating. I saw a different side of him that day, honestly a pretty intimidating guy when he is upset.., The intoxicated men backed off in seconds, and nobody was too seriously hurt. THANK GOD! (bar fights are ridiculous.) (more…)

Be Good To Yourself


If I’ve learned anything over the years, there are a few key factors in crime prevention, in my posts I pretty much always emphasize the importance of being aware, and applying your intuition in situations that feel off. You should stay in tip-top shape, and try to be the best ‘you’ possible.

  • Exercise daily, eat healthy and drink lots of water
  • Smile, because there’s always something to smile about and it feels good
  • Read books, and obtain information however you can

Practicing these things will keep you motivated to do your best, and stay prepared. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and it’s easy to slip, as long as you stay healthy and utilize these things, you will be able to stay on track.